Branded Storytelling

Content is a commitment, not a campaign.

Digital Content has totally changed the game of Marketing. Old School Marketing talks at people. Digital Content talks with them. Furthermore Content builds relationships. Relationships are built on trust. And finally, trust drives revenue.

VIMG supported Territory Group, which is Europe`s market leader for branded content in the creation and development of premium video content, emotional and effective storytelling, content campaigning, and brand development.

(Branded) Content is not a Buzzword it’s the most important tool to engage your customers. In order for branded content to have an effect and turn viewers into customers, followers or fans, branded content must, first of all, have one thing: Relevance.

Relevance and the right channel for your specific target group. It doesn’t make any sense to just take a random influencer or celebrity with million fans, go to Cape Town and shoot some fancy sunsets and superfood stores. Finding and more importantly understanding the DNA of your customers. Then you will achieve your goal: Content to Results.

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