Deka Investments

A large-scale multi-channel content campaign with one of the world’s most successful dance influencers. With TV commercials, storytelling and tutorials.

The motto of this holistic content campaign was “invest instead of standstill”. At the center of this campaign is one of the world’s most successful dance influencers, who inspires millions of people with his videos. His counterpart is the “oldest hipster in the world”. A man over 70 years old who attracts attention not only thanks to his fancy style. He grew up shortly after WWII, goes out partying in techno clubs, and loves going to events and hanging out with friends.

It is exactly this agility that Deka Investments makes use of in this campaign. On the one hand, several clips were produced for TV commercials, on the other hand, there were entire video dance courses and also a short documentary about the protagonists.


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